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How To Clear Your Urine From THC To Pass Urine Test


If you are a constant cannabis user, such compound will stick into your system for some time since it only decreases its lifespan inside your system at 50 percent for 7 days, therefore when you are tested even after three weeks it can still be detected.


Sometimes, there are cases that some of these compounds may stay longer than necessary in your system depending on some factors like the amount and frequency of your intake, your body fat levels, and your metabolism, and also with what type of stain you are consuming.


So if you are in the line for a random urine or blood test, then most likely you will be caught red-handed. Hence, here are some tips on how you can quickly detoxify your system to flush out the compound. If you have enough time you can go about these tips and be successful in your drug tests.


First, you can do a detox to flush out cannabis metabolites. Refraining from the use of the substance and having a healthy lifestyle will cleanse naturally in about 4-6 weeks but with a test coming before that time you may want to go for a quick detox plan that does the cleansing in a week or less. There are many available same-day cleansing products as well that may temporarily clear your urinary tract of toxic metabolites like THC-COOH.


Also, another option is to fake your urine sample with the use of synthetic urine kit. Most of the times this is the most effective, yet you have to be discreet in using this. Read carefully the instructions in the use of this kit and make sure to get the best quality to produce the most accurate results too in your urine test. Look for more facts about drug test at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/drugs.


Sometimes, diluting your urine may also do the trick. Here you have to 2-3 liters of water or another hydrating liquid a day before the test and simultaneously 1-2 liters on the day of the test. But since most tests are advanced already and know how to detect diluted substance with the color, you can also take vitamins and creatine to confuse the color stain in your urine.


These are just simple tricks and tips to know in order to cleanse your system with THC metabolites while you have an impending test coming. However if the test is scheduled you can at least refrain from the user until the test, or if its random then make sure you get your system quickly cleansed to be cleared with it. Read toxin rid reviews